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Monday, April 20, 2009

TV Landscape about to get bleaker

With ratings down across the board, NBC in terrible shape, and the recession, this summer will be full of show's getting axed. NBC also has one less hour of programing due to the Jay Leno show. Though its not all Jay's fault, he's cheaper than NBC failing with a scripted show of any sort. Also, you'll notice that hour-long shows will be few and far between, as well as single camera sit-coms. Add to that the fewest new shows in development in decades and unless you're a reality TV fan, things don't look too good...especially with Lost ending next year. From various sources these are shows that are in danger of not returning next season:

Category A: RIP

1.Shows I'll really miss:
King of the Hill
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

2.Shows I meant to watch so I guess its partially my fault they won't be back:
Pushing Daisies
Harper's Island
Eli Stone
Everybody Hates Chris

3.Already Canceled:
Life on Mars
Prison Break
My Own Worst Enemy
Trust Me

And Guiding Light won't be coming back for all you soap fans who read this.

4. Definitely Gone. Definitely won't be missed
Knight Rider
In the Motherhood
Surviving Suburbia
Gary Unmarried
Worst Week
Sit Down, Shut Up

Category B: Good as Gone
Chuck (In between Cat b and C)
The Unit
Cold Case
Kath and Kim
Eleventh Hour
The Game

Category C: On the chopping block; Still a Chance
Dollhouse (may be safest on this list)
Flight of the Conchords (not so much for $ but creative reasons)
The Unusuals
Without a Trace
Rules of Engagement
My Name is Earl

Category D: Safe...for now
Samantha Who
Better off Ted (most in danger on this list)
Parks and Recreation
Private Practice
Ghost Whisperer
Law & Order (Will not get a full season)
The New Adventures of Old Christine


Anonymous said...

I think your wrong, then really wrong then just way off base. Other than that very infomative. Garyunmarried will be back because it's really funny and doesn'cost much

ReaperDMV said...

Aw, that's too bad you haven't seen Reaper. You can still catch episodes online at either the CW site or youtube. ( It's a great show.

And if you're interested in helping to save it, here's all the info:

I would also add that for the shows you really will miss, go to the network websites and find the addresses. They don't search blogs looking for praise, but they do read their mail.