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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Star Trek

Includes: some violence.

This is a fun movie. And that I saw it at AMC's new flagship theater, vibrating seats and all, added to that fun. But it's interesting that Abrams films are so different from his TV shows (well, let's not count Felicity) in that its best not to think about them. This Star Trek, which is trying to be equal parts a reboot and a return to the campy fun of the TV series, really isn't about anything. Leonard Nimoy adds the only real depth to the film, and the plot's alternate reality reboot (from the comic book toolkit) is a satisfying way to start the series anew while paying respect to the original.

The problem is that aside from the basic conciet of a change in the fabric of time/space that the rest of the plot is paint by numbers (pick up Scotty here, befriend Spock now, have Bones give quip here).

In other ways, this is more akin to a Star Wars film, Cantina brawl and all, and full of more non-humanoid aliens than we've seen in a Star Trek universe, with Kirk as Luke and old Spock, in hiding on a dreary planet as Yoda. Where its about personal motives more than politics, and the action set peices take precedent over anything else. I'm not complaining, it's welcome to, in this age of self-serious reboots of Batman and James Bond, to have a return to a more innocent and less brooding type of summer action film.

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