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Friday, June 05, 2009

The 126 All-Time Great Simpsons Episodes

This year's birthday megalist also celebrates 20 years of the greatest American comedy work of the last century: The Simpsons.


Q. When did you start watching the Simpsons?

A. From the second or third episode. It was a struggle sometimes because my parents; most everyone’s parents didn’t want their kids watching it. But about season 4 I got my Mom to sit down and watch an episode with me, and pretty quickly it became a family thing.

Q. What elements of the show in particular made an impact on you ?

A. The references. The Simpsons caused me to take a look at the films, pop-culture references and books they either spoofed or were essential to know to get the jokes. It’s an encyclopedic work. That’s why the episodes are so re-watchable; you notice something different every time. Or you relate differently to it as you grow older or at different stages in your life you may finally appreciate an experience. Back before the internet was what it was today I thought of writing a multi-volume set of annotated scripts. With a site like SNPP type stuff that’s not necessary anymore and the show’s gone on so long that’d take forever.

Q. Did the show jump the shark? If so when?

A. Yes, and no. It’s changed; from a Bart-centric universe to a Homer-centric one, which I’ve appreciated. Then it became very John Swartzweldian which was fun. But I think the Principal and the Pauper, the real Seymour Skinner one, is probably where you can see a distinct change in tone. And when Maude died, for me, that’s when it began to decline. But then you get great seasons like 12 and 16, and utterly awful seasons like 15.

Q. So, 15 is the worst season in your opinion? What is the best?

A. Yeah, probably. Season 4 is probably the best. I mean look at that episode list. Seasons 4-8 are really the golden age. Maybe you can add 3 to that as well. You get a sort of revival from seasons 10-12.

Q. What haven’t you seen them do that you’d want to see?

A. They did a Prisoner spoof which I bet few people got, but that was amazing. I’ve always wanted to seem them do a live-action episode. Aqua Teen just did that brilliantly. But I want to see those really odd looking Simpson’s character costumes you see at like big events, like when some guy or gal is in an oversized blue-shirted Bart costume where their mouths don’t move…an episode with those things in that house they built in Vegas.

Q. How should the show end?

A. There’s one episode where Homer says that if he dies he wants to be stuffed and placed on the couch as a constant reminder to Marge. I’d like to see that for maybe the second half of the final season.

and now...

The 126 All-Time Simpsons Episodes (season numbers follow title)

  1. Bart Sells His Soul 7 “Wait a minute! This sounds like rock and/or roll.”
    1. Writer: Greg Daniels (would later develop The Office [us version]), Director: Wesley Archer (both would later work on King of the Hill)
    2. The perfect mix of sentiment, intellect, social satire, and full blown philosophizing. It’s a hilarious, surprisingly dark and sincere episode.
  2. Marge vs. the Monorail 4 “I call this one Bitey.”
    1. Writer: Conan O’Brien Director: Rich Moore
    2. Pound for pound probably the funniest episode ever.
  3. Duffless 4 (Homer gives up beer for a month
    1. Writer: David M. Stern (did 8 epis of The Wonder Years) Director: Jim Reardon (would later write Wall-E)
    2. Another darker episode, and one of the sweetest.
  4. Homer Defined (Homer saves the plant) 3
    1. Writer: Howard Gewirtz (Producer on Taxi) Director: Mark Kirkland (has directed 61 Simpsons epis)
    2. Perfect, what else can I say?
  5. 22 Short Films About Springfield 7
    1. Writer: supervised by Greg Daniels Director: Jim Reardon
    2. A revolutionarily bizarre episode, its The Simpsons at its absurd best.
  6. Cape Feare 4
    1. Writer: Jon Vitti (would later write and produce for The Larry Sanders Show and King of the Hill) Director: Rich Moore
  7. Lisa's Substitute 2
    1. Writer: Jon Vitti Director: Rich Moore
  8. The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase 8
    1. Story: Ken Keeler (producer on Futurama) Director: Neil Affleck
  9. Last Exit to Springfield 4 “Lisa needs braces…Dental Plan!”
    1. Writer: Jay Kogen (would later write for Frasier) and Wallace Wolodarsky (directed Sorority Boys) Director: Mark Kirkland
  10. Homer Badman 6 “You’re going to have to put some sugar on that celery or get out, ma’am.”
    1. Writer: Greg Daniels Director: Jeff Lynch (storyboard artist on Muppet Babies and second unit director on the Spiderman films)
  11. I Love Lisa 4 “Just do your job heart boy.”
  12. Treehouse of Horror V 6, “Tell you what. We come back and everyone’s slaughtered, I owe you a coke.”
  13. Radio Bart 3 (Timmy O’Toole)
  14. Stark Raving Dad 3 (The Michael Jackson one)
  15. Much Apu About Nothing 7 “We’re here! We’re Queer! We don’t want any more bears!”
  16. A Fish Called Selma 7 “Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius!”
  17. The Cartridge Family 9 (Homer buys a gun)
  18. Lost Our Lisa 9
  19. Homer's Phobia 8 (John Waters)
  20. The PTA Disbands 6 “That’s a paddlin’”
  21. Mom and Pop Art 10 (Homer’s sculpting)
  22. King-Size Homer 7
  23. HOMR 12 (Flowers for Algernon spoof)
  24. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk 3 (Germans buy the power plant)
  25. Sideshow Bob Roberts 6 “No children have meddled with the Republican party and lived to tell about it.”
  26. Homer the Heretic 4
  27. Boy Scouts in the Hood 5
  28. The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace 10 (Homer and Edison)
  29. A Streetcar Named Marge 3
  30. Homer’s Barbershop Quartet 5 “It’s been done.”
  31. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show 8
  32. The Crepes of Wrath (Bart goes to France)1
  33. The Boy Who Knew Too Much “Say chow-dah Frenchie!” 5
  34. Two Bad Neighbors 7
  35. Krusty Gets Kancelled 4
  36. This Little Wiggy 9 “That’s where I saw the leprechaun…he tells me to burn things.”
  37. Homer's Enemy 8
  38. Bart Gets an Elephant 5
  39. Trash of the Titans 9 (Homer as garbage commissioner)
  40. Homer Goes to College 5
  41. Brother From the Same Planet 4 (Bigger Brothers/Pepi)
  42. Bart Gets an F 2 (Bart studies for a history exam)
  43. Bart Gets Famous 5 “I didn’t do it!”
  44. Team Homer 7
  45. Radioactive Man 7
  46. Bart of Darkness 6 (Rear Window spoof)
  47. Simpson and Delilah 2 (Homer gets hair)
  48. Grift of the Magi 11 (Funzo)
  49. Homer the Great 6 (Stonecutters)
  50. Saturdays of Thunder 3
  51. Treehouse of Horror III 4 “We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread. We also sell frozen yogurt, which I call frogurt!”
  52. In Marge We Trust 8 (The Listen Lady)
  53. $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) 5
  54. Treehouse of Horror II 3 (Monkey’s Paw)
  55. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt 2 7
  56. Lisa’s Rival 6 “I bent my wookie!”
  57. Rosebud 5 (Citizen Kane spoof/
  58. Bart the Murderer 3 (Bart becomes Fat Tony’s bartender)
  59. Lady Bouvier’s Lover 5 (Grandpa falls in love with Marge’s mom)
  60. Whacking Day 4
  61. Bart the Daredevil 2
  62. Homer the Smithers 7
  63. Dog of Death 3 (Santa’s Little Helper needs an operation)
  64. Bart The General 1
  65. Homer at the Bat 3
  66. The Homer They Fall 8 (Homer boxes)
  67. Treehouse of Horror VI 7 (Homer in 3d)
  68. When Flanders Failed 3 (The Leftorium)
  69. Principal Charming 2 (Skinner woos Selma)
  70. Itchy & Scratchy Land 6
  71. The Last Temptation of Krust 9 “Whoa, Canyonero!”
  72. Fear of Flying 6
  73. Bart Gets Hit by a Car 2
  74. Bart-Mangled Banner 15 "I don't Want to end up like Elmo, hanging myself in a cell!”
  75. Homer Loves Flanders 5
  76. The Twisted World of Marge Simpson 8 (Marge sells pretzels)
  77. Bart Carny 9
  78. Lisa the Vegetarian 7
  79. Brush With Greatness 2 (Marge paints)
  80. Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily 7 (kids taken to Flanders’ by CPS)
  81. Homie the Clown 6
  82. Treehouse of Horror VIII (Homega man) 9
  83. Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner? 11 (Homer as food critic)
  84. The Last Temptation of Homer 5 (the one with Mindy)
  85. Bart's Comet 6
  86. Two Dozen and One Greyhounds 6
  87. Dead Putting Society 2
  88. Lisa's First Word 4 “Iron helps us play!”
  89. Homer Alone 3
  90. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson 9
  91. Burns, Baby Burns 8 (the one with Rodney Dangerfield)
  92. Flaming Moe’s 3
  93. Marge Gets a Job 4
  94. Lisa the Skeptic 9 (the angel skeleton)
  95. Lard of the Dance 10
  96. Trilogy of Error 12 “Linguo dead?”
  97. Homer and Apu 5
  98. A Star Is Burns 6 (The film festival)
  99. Old Money 2 “Discount Lion Safari!”
  100. Bruns’ Heir 5
  101. Behind the Laughter11
  102. Bart Star 9 (Bart plays football)
  103. Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"10
  104. Lisa's Date with Density 8 (Lisa dates Nelson)
  105. New Kids on the Blecch 12 “yvan eht nioj”
  106. Sunday, Cruddy Sunday 10 (Homer goes to the super bowl)
  107. Marge on the Lam 5 (Marge’s neighbor runs from the cops)
  108. Hungry, Hungry Homer 12 “There no team called the Albuquerque Isotopes.”
  109. Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song 5 (Skinner gets fired)
  110. How I Spent My Strummer Vacation 14 (Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp)
  111. The Springfield Files 8 (X-files spoof)
  112. Deep Space Homer 5
  113. Maximum Homerdrive 10 (Homer the trucker)
  114. Lemon of Troy 6 (Lemon tree stolen by Shelbyville)
  115. Reality Bites 9 (Marge sells real estate)
  116. Children of a Lesser Clod 12 (Homer takes care of kids)
  117. Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass 16 (Super Bowl half-time show)
  118. Bart the Lover 3 (Gordie Howe)
  119. Homer to the Max 10 (Max Powers)
  120. Goo Goo Gai Pan 16 (Patti adopts)
  121. Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? 3 (Herb returns)
  122. Bart on the Road 7 “Knoxville! Knoxville!”
  123. Homer the Vigilante 5
  124. The 138th Episode Spectacular 7
  125. Jaws Wired Shut 13
  126. Thank God It's Doomsday 16 (Homer predicts end of world; plot of Knowing)


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