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Monday, June 01, 2009

"Truly They Were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

I thought that there was no possible way for ATHF's live action episode, which I've looked forward to for almost a year, to live up to its expectations. Yet, somehow it managed to blow me away. Just a second, some thing's not right...

[puts Boston record on turntable]

That's better. Okay, it looks more and more like last night's live action season finale, entitled "Last Last One Forever and Ever" was the series finale. And while I will miss my beloved surrealist combo meal, if it ends up being the last one ever, it went out on a high note, in what may be the greatest show finale (period).

The episode started off as a typical ATHF epi, with a hilarious set up; the water had been contaminated with fire, which caused some problems for Carl who had decided to store his cache of dynamite in his pool for some reason. After the 'splosion it cuts to T-Pain, playing the live action equivalent to Frylock, the responsible roommate to Don Shake (voice actor extraordinaire H. Jon Benjamin), a struggling TV show writer. In a world like that of New Jersey in the ATHF universe, and full of visual references, Shake tries to get advice from Carl. But it's Frylock's brown exercise ball, voiced by Meatwad, who begins to give him the ideas he needs.

The acting by Benjamin was amazing as the exact opposite of the Master Shake we know and love, and added a level of depth of feeling that caught me off guard. In fact, the way the show presented him as a struggling writer, and sort of explaining the show we have as a product of his writing, was bizarrely moving. Which set us up for a final animated sequence, with the Aqua Teens slowly riding off into the sunset, with Carl delivering the absurd equivalent to John Wayne's equally absurd cameo line in The Greatest Story Ever Told, "Truly, they were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

So, let's hear it for the show that gave us Hand Banana, Ol' Drippy, The Mooninites, The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, and one brilliant live-action SEASON (hopefully) finale.

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