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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A quick Ponder of Palin

I began to wonder about Sarah Palin. Not if she's being indicted, or incompetent, or running for president (and that those words have been used too often in the same breath with politicians demonstrates the sorry state of our government). But if she was or still is a CBS employee. Think about it...Katie Couric's ratings were awful. People were talking about her job being in danger. Then who should get the exclusive with Gov. Palin? Some sort of a rivalry developed, after Palin took offense to some of the questions. Courics ratings are now better than ever, and her job safe.

Then, Letterman makes a misguided joke about her daughter. Palin, rather than ignoring it or letting it die, fuels the controversy by making public appearances denouncing Letterman. Rallies are organized calling for CBS to fire Dave. All during the same week that Conan O'Brien makes his premiere as host of The Tonight Show. Dave's ratings go up significantly; Conan's ratings under perform.

Coincidence? Or genius?

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