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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Death Threats, etc.

'Death To Obama' Sign Holder Detained In Maryland

Above: Glenn Beck, who had to warn his audience that it only takes on Timothy McVeigh to ruin it for everybody, and is losing sponsors on a daily basis, jokes about poisoning Nanci Pelosi. But what is a supposed Mormon and recovering alcoholic doing with a glass of wine anyway?

Above: Lou Dobbs says only way to stop Howard Dean is to put a "steak through his heart."
Dobbs errs here, like everyone at these town halls by not understanding what facism is...

Above: Anonymous caller threatens SEIU, a union group supporting healthcare reform and sending people to the town halls to counter the other interest groups sending people to those same town hall meetings, with gun violence.

African-American Congressman's office vandalized with swastika

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