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Sunday, October 25, 2009

13. Antropophagus

n. pl. an·thro·poph·a·gi (-j)
A person who eats human flesh; a cannibal.

Anthrophogagus (1980)
Dir. By Joe D'Amato
Fright Level: 2/10
Scare type: gore

Antropophagus has one of the oddest titles in horror (and I think its also the name of that herbal remedy for the flu...wait that's alstralagus)and is perhaps unduly famous for being one of the poster films for the UK's video nasties list in the early 80's. The film itself is pretty awful. A group of tourists pick up a woman, go to a Greek island which is deserted, and find out everyone's gone. Nothing happens for 45 minutes, then nothing happens for another 30 minutes.
This would be fine if there were atmosphere, but the awful acting and poor editing makes it tedious.

I think what happened is that Joe thought up of two amazingly awful death scenes, and needed a way to show those scenes, both of which occur in the last 10 minutes. The first scene is still one of the most transgressive in film history. The second, and the final image of the film, is actually quite compelling and effective. It's one of two good ideas in the film, the other a rare monster flashback. The rest is just pointless.

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