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Sunday, October 25, 2009

15 My Name is Bruce

My Name is Bruce (2007)
Dir Bruce Campbell
Fright Level: 1/10
scare type: comedy horror

I love Bruce, and I'm glad he's found stable work on the excellent Burn Notice. I didn't plan on watching this until I noticed that it was written by Battlestar Galactica producer Mark Verheiden. He should stick to serious drama. Bruce tries but this is just painfully unfunny. Its references to his previous films seem forced, and don't work organically. The parts that work the best are obviously improvised by Campbell, his quick binge drinking trip down his trailer, is one highlight.

The film comes from an honest source. Bruce doesn't' hold back in being self-deprecating. The major flaw of this film is that a spoof or a sardonic riff on b-movies should be higher quality, or better than the movies they are riffing off of. The film is ultra-low budget, nobody can act and some barely deliver dialogue that doesn't sound read. At the same time the film is trying too hard to be so bad its good, that its just plain bad. There are some good structural ideas where the film is more self-aware, but what could have been a Jerry Lewis like deconstruction of a persona turned into something on par with an Ernest film. Like those films this is broad based slapstick and parody where the film tries and you can see it trying too hard sometimes, but it doesn't work, and isn't that funny. It's not slow, its not boring, and its usually fun to watch. It just doesn't deliver the goods.

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