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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

16. The Sin Eater

The Order (AKA The Sin Eater) 2003
Dir. Brian Helgeland
Fright level: 2/10
Scare Type: religious horror.

When its not boring, this is one of those films that really spoofs itself. Exhibit A: Two priests are talking when there is an ominous knock at the door. They pull out their crucifixes like one would a gun, and approach.

The film feels like Dan Brown's version of The Omen or probably more aptly The Ninth Gate. A rogue Priest (Ledger) and his boorish Priest pal trek to Rome to find out how the leader of their mysterious and dying order, a sort of X-Files for the Vatican, died. Don't be fooled, it has good ideas, but those ideas don't translate at all to the film you're watching at the time. The plot is ridiculous and the script (especially the dialogue) is unsalvageable. The pacing and the look of the film border on movie of the week at times.

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whitney said...

"a sort of X-files for the Vatican"? I'm sorry...I'm fooled. That sounds AWESOME. :)