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Thursday, October 01, 2009

31 in 31

I've toyed with this idea before, and decided why not give it a try*? How will I manage to do it as a busy grad student making a documentary and trying to get papers published? If I do, its because this is what I'd do in my spare time anyway to relax, and this is partially to figure out why I do that. So, I will try to watch 31 horror films this month, since it's Halloween, and write about the films and the experience on my blog; sort of Julie and Julia but with ghouls and goblins. The parameter I've set for myself is that these have to be films I haven't seen before, and they must cover a wide range of cultures, time periods, and styles.

*actually I think Whitney did this last year?


Spencer said...

I love this idea, and I'm keen to see the stuff you recommend.

BTW, what is the documentary you've been working on?

whitney said...

I did. And I'm doing it again this year. Yesterday we watched Cronenberg's The Fly, twice. That movie still baffles me in many ways. Then today I watched Splinter, which followed some of the gender stereotypes of horror films to hilarious levels, but was also pretty cool.

whitney said...

How are you going about getting ahold of all the films? That's one problem we ran into last year. Netflix can only give you so much, and the library was scarce on horror films this time of year. We ended up watching all the Poltergeist movies as a result.