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Friday, October 16, 2009

7. Killer Horizon

Fanedit by Mollo
of Event Horizon dir by Paul Anderson
Fright Level: 4/10
Scare type: Ghost ship, mortification.

I'm a fan of the possibilities of fan edits, though I don't believe many have taken the necessary leaps to break from being personal opinions about a film to the level of a new art form which is a discourse about film. That said, I thought I'd take a look at this Event Horizon "slash." The source film was a super-flawed film with lots of interesting ideas. So I was curious to see what Mollo would do with it.

The film is made far more economical, and this makes the film more successful as a horror film, though it loses a bit in atmosphere. The level of violence is upped, and this a film that is helped by the added blood and nightmarish imagery. Most of it is taken from either deleted scenes or extended use of footage shown in passing in Anderson's film, and some from the Exorcist films. The use of that footage felt too on the nose, though its actually pretty well placed as to not be too jarring. The film is at its best when it goes into a more symbolic mode, in the montages which bookend the film (and break the narrative of the original, which is a good thing). The difficulty is that the source material's biggest flaw is that the film doesn't have any characters that work, or aren't essentially just lifted from an Alien film. And that is something that can't be fixed with edits. The best decision made by Mollo is the creation of an entirely new ending, one which is far darker and more frightening than the original, and much more successful. Neither Anderson's film or this re-edit work as a whole, but each have their own interesting concepts and ideas.

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