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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kicking Televisions: November Sweeps edition

The news today is that Fox has cancelled Dollhouse (aka Eliza Dushku in tight fitting clothing). I find it a mild surprise, or perhaps am wondering how it is that Whedon seems to have all these fans, yet keeps having trouble getting people to watch his shows.

But there is something here of note. The show didn't have a chance; being put in the Friday night line-up. There was a time when Friday had actual shows on: The X-Files, TGIF in its glory days. But now unless your Dateline NBC it means that your show is a priority in the eyes of the network in that it would be even worse to have dead air. The exception is with cable: USA and Syfy, both NBC networks, have their best shows on that night.

Speaking of bad time-slots and Sci-fi shows, Fringe is in trouble. I watched the show most of last year, didn't really get into it, but its really gotten good this season. So I think everyone was surprised when last weeks episode saw the largest decline in a shows ratings since The Chevy Chase show. Seriously. What happened? Fox forgot to tell people it was going to be on that week if the world series didnt go seven games. But the shows ratings are in decline in general. Its safe for this season, but may not get a third season. The thing is that Fox moved the show from Monday night to Thursday night for no other reason than theyre fox and they have no idea how to handle a TV lineup. Thursday, its up against The Office, 30 Rock, Greys Anatomy, and CSI. Where as monday it was up against Monday Night Football, whatever drama NBC is going to cancel at 9, and 2 comedies nobody watches on CBS but are cheap and reliable. So unless Fox was scared of Gossip Girl stealing viewers, why on earth move it to Thursday?

Speaking of mishandling a show, ABC is really trying that patience of Lost fans and its creators. ABC has not given a time or date for the shows return, though it appears they may move it from their wednesday time slot because of the whole comedy thing they have going on then. They also have not stated yet, how they will deal with the show being interrupted by the Winter Olympics for 3 weeks.

NBC has had some interesting news. Its new-er comedies are doing better than and old favorite. Community had its best week since its premiere episode, and Parks and Recreation had its highest ratings so far. However, The Office, which has struggled creatively, is reflecting its issues in its ratings, which are getting lower each week as it appears more viewers are abandoning ship.

Oh, and ABC canceled Eastwick. Not that anyone cared, except for maybe John Updike who will get one less royalty check in the mail each month.

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Spencer said...

Do you know if ratings count online views like Hulu and such? It would be interesting to see how those differ from the live ratings.

It does indeed suck that Dollhouse is canceled.