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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Decade in Review: Part 1: Music

What you said:

  • Band of the decade: TIE. The White Stripes and The Flaming Lips
  • Best album of the decade: Yoshimi vs. The Pink Robots
  • Voice of the decade: Thom Yorke
  • Songwriter of the decade: Jeff Tweedy
  • most epic guitar solo: basically a tie between the entire White Stripes Catalogue
  • Favorite song of the decade: nothing got more than 1 vote
  • Song that you most associate with the decade: Some answers I liked: All the Single Ladies, Beyonce; Tribute, Tenacious D
  • Musical Moment of the decade: Kanye on MTV music awards
  • Band from the decade you hope most your kids/grand-kids won't discover and love 30 years from now: I got a nice range of bands at various points on the emo/screamo spectrum here…
  • Band you'll try and get your kids to like: Arcade Fire Runners up: The White Stripes and The Mars Volta
  • Guilty pleasure (song/band): Britney Spears Runner up: Linkin Park
  • Worst song of the decade: My Humps
  • Favorite live show you saw: The Flaming Lips Runner up: Arcade Fire
My Take:

Band of the decade: The White Stripes

It was appropriate that Rock and Roll was resurrected in Detroit. I think we've all forgotten how dismal the music landscape was in the late 90's. Rap was imploding, nu-metal, rap-metal and pop-punk were the only alternatives to Boy bands and Britney Spears clones. With napster people were claiming the album dead, and perhaps the last nail in rock's coffin. My freshman year of college two bands came out of nowhere to save rock, The Strokes, with their New York swagger, and The White Stripes with their Raw Detroit power. While the Strokes never were able to recover from hype, the White Stripes became arguably the best rock band since The Rolling Stones, releasing a string of albums that were simple and familiar, yet adventurous and fresh. They didn't just play throw-back music, they revived the way rock was listened to back in the day, when to many it was more than music, it was a religion. As if they already didn't have this title in the bag, Jack White's contributions to Loretta Lynn and his work in the Raconteurs made this an easy decision.

Runners up: Low, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, TV on the Radio,
Best album of the decade: List to come shortly...
Voice of the decade: OutKast

They started it off with Ms. Jackson, had us all shaking it
with Hey Ya. They represented the new mixtures of musical styles that would define the decade.
Runners up: Beck, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nick Cave, Thom Yorke, Chris Martin.
Songwriter of the decade: Nick Cave

He could have easily fit under voice of the decade, but his songwriting ability was the most unique and unmatched in music in the 00's, exaggerating the sex and violence of the early and pre-rock blues standards and adding the spiritual/sexual union of the biblical Judeo-Christian poetics.
Runners up: Low, Vic Chesnutt, The Flaming Lips, Jack White, Talib Kweli.
Most epic guitar solo: Ball and Biscuit, The White Stripes

Song that you most associate with the decade
Yeah! Usher
Seriously, there was no escaping this song. No denying its awesomeness even though it was played to death, was a bit cheesy, and Little John looked like a Muppet.

Runners up: Hey Ya, Outkast; Clocks, Coldplay; In da Club, 50 Cent; Intervention, The Arcade Fire; Crazy, Gnarls Barkley; Everybody's Changing, Keane; Jesus Walks, Kanye West;

Musical Moment of the decade: MTV gives air-time to the Strokes. Before MTV quit playing music entirely, it was ruled by the TRL type bands (boy bands and Britney clones) and gratuitous third-rate hip-hop videos featuring dollar bills inexplicable car washes and booty. It was the first time in 5 years that MTV started to play a real rockband in rotation, and a band that looked and acted cool; it was like watching one of those bands you'd heard about, read about, that you never thought you'd see in your lifetime.(sorry for the lag in the sound/image in the video)

Band from the decade you hope most your kids/grand-kids won't discover and love 30 years from now: Insane Clown Posse
Bizarre mix of shock-rap with religious cult-like tendencies and painfully bad lyrics and tunes= worst band in history. But don't think you're off the hook Limp Bizkit...
Band you'll try and get your kids to like: The Arcade Fire
Guilty pleasure (song/band): Crawling, Linkin Park. I don't know why but this song just works for me, and I guess you had to be there. Though I was happy to see others agreed with me on this.
Worst song of the decade:
My Humps
I can't beat this article here

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Erin said...

My roommate once played "Yeah!" and only "Yeah!" a month straight and I still couldn't bring myself to totally hate the song. And even though Little John looked like a Muppet? BECAUSE.