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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost Questions Revisited

So, seeing that we have about 100 minutes of actual Lost left (minus the commercials). Here's what questions they've left unanswered...

Blue=Sort of answered
Purple= can be inferred
  1. Who are Jacob and the MIB? Two brothers
  2. Where did they (above) come from? Across the sea when there mother's ship wrecked
  3. Why can't women on the Island have babies, and who was Karl's mother? Most probably as a result of the Incident.
  4. What really happened when Desmond turned the fail-safe key? He was swallowed into the light of the Island. Where did he go?
  5. How did he, Charlie, Eko, and John survive the blast?
  6. Where is Christian Shepard's body in both timelines?
  7. What are "the rules?" Set up by either Mother or Jacob.
  8. Who are the Others? The people Jacob brought to the Island.
  9. How did the others get established and by whom? Richard.
  10. What are the two time-lines? Two divergent universes from the Incident.
  11. How did the Numbers end up on the blast door and on the broadcast?
  12. Why was Claire the only person who was supposed to raise Aaron?
  13. Why is Tunisia the exit point of the Island?
  14. Why did Sun not time-travel with the others?
  15. How did those on the plane travel in time?
  16. Why did they need to re-create the original flight as much as possible?
  17. Why did Juliet time-travel with the 815ers, while the others didn't?
  18. How can some others, like Harper, disappear and reappear?
  19. Who did the time traveling 815ers shoot in the canoe? (cf. The Little Prince)
  20. What are the Whispers? The restless souls of those who died on the Island and can't move on.
  21. What was the deal with Mikhail? The Island needed him?
  22. Why does Brother Campbell have a picture with Eloise Hawking?
  23. How did the Food drops work?
  24. What happened to Annie?
  25. Why does Hugo go by Hurley?
  26. Who are "Adam and Eve?" Brother and Mother
  27. Did Desmond lie to Charlie about seeing Claire leave the Island?
  28. Why did Locke lose his ability to walk by the drug plane?
  29. Who was Abaddon, and how'd he know to get Locke to Australia? Widmore's most trusted associate. Jacob seems to have kept in communication with Widmore.
  30. Who was Libby's husband?
  31. Why do so many of the characters have psychic-like powers (Walt, Hurley, Miles)?
  32. Who can the MIB kill and not kill?
  33. What makes one no longer a candidate? Death, reasons to be off the Island.
  34. Why does Jacob need a replacement? He knew the MIB would eventually kill him. He also never had a choice.
  35. How did Radzinsky survive the Incident and the purge? The Others let him survive in order to keep the electromagnetic energy under control.
  36. How did Inman get to the Island and end up in the Swan? The Others probably posed as Dharma to bring him there.
  37. Why does ash repel the smoke monster?
  38. Why did Faraday need a nurse and lose his short term memory?
  39. Why does he have a different last name than his parents and no English accent?
  40. What was the Frozen Donkey Wheel? and who put it there? Made by the MIB to leave the Island. Most likely repaired and placed by Jacob.
  41. Why did Ben get a tumor? Since he was taking his orders from the MIB he wasn't protected by the Island?
  42. How do some characters seem to be able to get on/off the Island even when the sub was down?
I know for a fact that three of these will defiantly not be answered. One of which makes me pretty ticked off.

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