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Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes, I still review music

High Violet
The National
This is a more expansive album than Boxer, at least as far as instrumentation, and the songs have a more "epic" feel to them. That doesn't mean that they're more ambitious than on Boxer. Boxer was an extremely intimate album. And lyrically this album recalls Aligator, in terms of some surreal repetitions. It's a bit more personal, but not nearly as concrete as Boxer was. That said, this is still one of the best albums of the year, and while it is quite front heavy (the last few tracks are anti-climactic), if you want some darkly baroque angsty rock tunes this is the album to pick up.

LCD Soundsystem
This is Happening
If you've read me in the past you know my gripe with LCD is that they're such a visceral band live and they don't get that across on their albums. Well, this time they go the other direction with a polished 1980's-esque disco-punk album that starts out promising some amazing things, but ends up being just a solid album and the band working out some of their direction as far as studio work.

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