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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Emmy's: Who got Snubbed

If you go by the number of Emmy nominations the best show on TV last year was not Mad Men, not Modern Family, not Breaking Bad, not even Lost. No, Glee got 19 nominations, the most of any show. Seriously?

Aside from that, the Emmy's were less frustrating than usual this year. But, here are my gripes:

1)John Noble: Fringe's Walter gave some of the year's most amazing performances in arguably the most difficult role on TV, yet didn't get nominated.

2) Josh Holloway: Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson, and Terry O'Quinn all got acting nominations for Lost, as did Elizabeth Mitchell as a guest actor. But really, after Terry's dual performance last season, Holloway gave the best acting performance on that show as a more subdued and complex Sawyer and I'd have given him the nomination over Fox. A case could also be made for Henry Ian Cusick's Desmond, but he wasn't exactly a regular, nor was he a guest actor.

3) Community: Joel McHale co-announced the Emmys and you'd think that would mean he'd be nominated either for his hosting The Soup or that his show Community would get some love. Neither happened. Community, my favorite comedy from last year, didn't get a single nod (nor the Soup). Alison Brie and Ken Jeong definitely deserved supporting acting nods.

4)30 for 30: I know the Emmy's are horrible when it comes to non-fiction categories but ESPN's incredible documentary series getting snubbed is indefensible.

5) Burn Notice: Veteran actress Sharon Gless got a deserved supp. Actress nod, but how about some love for this show's writing or its sleek directing?

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Nick Stentzel said...

Well said. Most mainstream awards are incredibly out of touch.