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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Silver Docs '10: Goodbye How Are you?

* * *
Dir. Boris Mitic

Goodbye how are you took Boris Mitic four years to compile and perhaps even longer to write. The film is made up of two distinct elements: the visual image and the voice-over narration. This is not an essay film per se, nor is it an experimental film. It is an old-school work of absurdist comedy: our voice over protagonist goes on a search to find a person worthy of killing in a duel. Instead he talks with his friend in aphorisms. Visually we see what could almost be considered a random series of images. What we are shown are regular and thousands of absurd images, not always going along with the narration, but all connected in some theme or against some theme in one way or another. The film is divided into 24 parts, and is an enlightening yet absurd odyssey of Eastern Europe

Mitic set out to make a film abut the Serbian satirical tradition, and instead gave us a film version of the type of literature he loved. The film is fun, and quite funny, though at times it can be a bit too much in terms of aphorisms and absurd counter points. This is the type of film that people love on the festival circuit but never really makes it to larger audiences. However, Mitic shows a lot of promise as a writer, and it will be interesting to see what his next film brings.

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