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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31 films for Halloween #4

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)
Dir. Yoshihiro Nishimura
* *

Sub-genre: splatter comedy, action
scare type: disgust, but you get bored with it really quickly.
scare level: 2/10. More of an "eww."

Nishimura is a most accomplished make-up artist (if you've seen Suicide Club's opening wave-o-blood sequence that was him) so it's no surprise that this film is a showcase for his gore fx and probably breaks the record for use of fake blood after the 10 minute mark. This is the fountain-type, there's no attempt to be real type of blood that, which at points in the film, seems to dominant the entire frame.

Surprisingly there's a lot here, the problem is it's all wasted and instead we're shown a make-up effect showcase that's impressive, but incoherent. The film has moments where it wants to work as an absurdist fable like Robocop, Paul Verhooven was definitely an influence, and the film could have worked to express our own uncomfortable relationship with technology, pollution, and other aspects of modern life which make us uncomfortable in our own skin as with a film like Tetsuo: The Iron Man. You can add all the twisted and bizarre elements you want but in the end, a formulaic cop/revenge action film is just a formulaic cop/revenge action film.

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